Vibrating Screen PWB 40

The perfect solution for screening soil, sand, rubble, coal and other bulk materials.

  • The device is powered by a 400V electric motor with a power of 1.5kW
  • The screen is equipped with 2 sieve decks
  • The sieving area of ​​the sieves is 3 m2

The perfect combination of performance and mobility. Relatively small dimensions and own weight allow you to easily transport the screen to any place.

A powerful electric motor with a power of 1.5 kW and a force of 2083 kg in combination with a sieve area of ​​3 m2 allows for high screening efficiency. It is approximately for:

  • compost 8t/h – 13m3/h
  • wood chips 7t/h – 27m3/h
  • clay 20t/h – 41m3/h
  • stone 40t/h – 22m3/h
  • gravel 45t/h – 30m3/h

The device has 2 screen decks. Each deck consists of 2 screens with dimensions of 1×1.5 m.

The sieves have a longitudinal tension.

Very easy and quick sieve replacement, just unscrew 3 screws for each sieve.

Technical parameters

Exit8 - 45 t/h
Exciting force2083 kg
Sieve area3 m2
Entrance400 V 1,5 kW
Weight1400 kg
Width1550 mm
Lenght2850 mm
Height2680 mm

Device description:

The device is delivered ready to work with:

  • set of sieves (standard: upper welded sieve 30×30 mesh, lower 10mm string sieve)

On special request, we can equip the screens with a different set of screens.

The available sieves can be viewed here.

  • user manual
  • CE declaration

It is possible to lease the device through the European Leasing Fund or Idea Getin Leasing.